Bass Apparel

The bass fishing activity is not only a sport, it is also about a couple of guys enjoying the environment and the nature itself. In order to fully enjoy this rewarding as well as relaxing adventure, a fisherman must have all the right equipment, starting with the tools needed for the fishing activity itself and ending with the right clothing for this sport. With this article we will try to share a few ideas regarding what clothing should is appropriate for bass fishing and other forms of fishing.

Bib & Brace

Bib & Brace are a set of dungarees into which fishermen climb and then clip the braces into position over their front either by sliding their arms through or by pulling these braces up and over the shoulders, locking them into position at the waistband. This form of dressing was created in order to provide maximum protection from the elements as best as possible and also reduce the amount of water that is allowed to get in underneath them. The newer models are equipped with fully adjustable Velcro straps in comparison with the older models that permitted more freedom of movement and prevented the loss of movement.

Over Trousers

The over trousers are similar to the waterproof trousers that you wear on your day-to-day clothing. The elasticized waist permits for snug fitting, especially for larger sized men. The trousers can be tucked under a jacket or over the jacket; it usually depends on their size and the amount of give. The vast majority of these trousers, similar to waterproofs are waxed in order to allow the water to run off, which will reduce the amount of water that seeps in. It is very important when you are at the shop to ask the salesman if the material “breaths” – with other words, does the material allow the air flow through the tiny holes in the material which prevents it from sticking to the under garments or the skin.

Two Piece Suits

A regular two piece suit will encompass a jacket either the already mentioned Bib & Brace or over trousers. The two piece suit is frequently more cost effective in comparison to purchasing both garments separately. In addition, any fisherman that purchases a two piece suit will observe that the garments will have a series of pockets of different shapes and sizes which will accommodate a respectable amount of fishing tackle plus bait, not to mention any other equipment or various knives.


Not many take into consideration the issue of headwear but we must tell you that it is quite important as you will be spending a lot of time under the powerful sun. Logically put, the more money you spend on clothing, the better the quality of the clothing will be but as far as the headwear is concerned, any hat will do just fine for starters. For winter, a woolen hat will do the job and a lighter hat (baseball hat for example) is suitable for the summer months in which the sun is powerful and the temperatures go sky high.


It is imperative to minimize the amount of water that gets into your footwear when you find yourself in the near vicinity of a river. The all-purpose Wellington boots and waders are a solid method to deal with this problem as well as assuring that the tops of your boots are well secured with some tape or any other material that will close up any potential gaps.

Here is a short yet good list regarding a default way to dress when fly fishing:

  1. Sunglasses;
  2. Sunscreen;
  3. Hat with a brim;
  4. Layers up top or sleeveless underneath long-sleeves;
  5. Thermals in the winter and leggings for the summertime;
  6. Long socks.

It is quite difficult to imagine fishing without the old yet reliable vest. These vests are invaluable as they contain many pockets designed for holding items like for example, expensive lures and flies plus a bug repellant. When looking for a vest to purchase, search for those models at which the pockets open from the top and not the side so that you will not lose those precious items.