Bass Bait

When you find yourself in front of the fishing store you will find the entire situation to be very overwhelming because there are literally millions of lures to choose from but you cannot carry all of them when you go to the lake for your bass fishing day. With the help of this article we will try to narrow your list of choices in order to get what you consider to be best for your fishing style.

First of all, you must be aware of the fact that there are 5 main types of lures, as follows:

  1. Crankbaits – which will allow you to cover more water and are considered to be suitable for rocky bottoms and in light vegetation conditions;
  2. Spinnerbiats – are similar in terms of usage to crankbaits which is why we recommend them for areas that have low vegetation and for waters that have a rocky bottom pattern;
  3. Jigs – using them will give you a very accurate feel on the line and are considered to be the most efficient lures when used with a pork trailer;
  4. Topwaters – are recommended for shallow water environments or in other areas that are covered in surface vegetation like lily pads;
  5. Plastics – these are considered to be the most versatile of all 5 as they can be fished weighted or weightless. The floating plastics lures can be used in a similar way like the topwater.

Next we will offer a few purchasing ideas of each 5 types of lures in order to determine which one is recommend for you and your fishing style. We will start with the crankbaits:


We recommend choosing a couple of deep diving, shallow as well as medium divers that have a natural baitfish color pattern. Also, remember to pick out a couple of “loud” colors and fat, short lures. Many of the crankbaits nowadays contain rattles which helps the bass to find the bait. We strongly advise you to search for those types of crankbaits that have very visible eyes features (glowing eyes seem to be the most efficient).


Get a few of them in white, black, chartreuse different blades. Also recommended are the gold ones. It is good to know that spinnerbaits are available both in standard or weedless varieties. The latter one is a good solid option if you will be conducting your fishing in a lot of cover but they have the disadvantage of being rather hard to set hook on. In order to catch short striking fish, we suggest that you add a cheater hook. A 1/0 size for 1/4 Oz. Baits and a 2/0 for 3/8 to 1/2 Oz.

Jigs & Plastics

Pick out from your local fishing store a couple of bags in a dark color variety like brown, purple and black. Also, purchase them in different sizes. Remember to acquire sinkers and hooks in order to fully match the presentation. For fishing a plastic worm or a jig, cast out and give the line plenty of time in order to hit the bottom. Almost all types of bass hit bait while they are falling down which means that after the fish will sit down on the bottom for a bit, you should give the rod tip a small twitch in order to see if anything has taken up your bait. In comparison to the other types of lures, both plastics and jigs are fished differently which means that instead of reeling in to produce the action the bait is retrieved by moving the rod tip. After the bait has hit the bottom and you have given it a twitch, you now must slowly lift the rod tip right until it points straight up in the 12 o’clock position. Now, let it sit there for a couple of second and afterwards drop it down to the 9 – 10 o’clock position and reel in the slack. Repeat this procedure until your line is in. You will have to have a good feel for your line in order to tell when a bass is biting. Most fishermen hold their finger against the line while lifting the rod tip. You are looking for sudden resistance or bumping on the line, or a line that goes slack suddenly or veers sideways. In order to set the hook, we suggest that you drop the rod tip in a very fast matter to the 3 o’clock position, and pull it back hard to the 12 o’clock position.


We advise you to select them just as you do with the cranks – purchase them in different sizes. Colors do not seem to be quite important. Get those that produce a lot of noise and keep in mind that the most popular shapes are looking like lizards or frogs. The floating plastic worms usually look a lot like small-sized snakes that are swimming on the water.