Bass Fishing Gear

It does not matter if you are an amateur fisherman or an experienced one, for obtaining the proper results, the right fishing gear is imperative which is why we consider that this subject is very important, regardless of fishing style and personal needs. With this article we will try to offer you a few tips regarding how to choose your fishing equipment for your next bass adventure.

If you will be going after freshwater fish from a river or a lake you should pick out one of the following reels: Zebco 11, 22, 33, 202 or the 404. Nowadays, the spinning reels are quite popular, the Rhino RC5 is a reliable model used by many avid fishermen worldwide. For the smaller bass fish, you could also use a cane pole or even a synthetic model. A spinning reel comes in various sizes and shapes. We recommend that you choose a smaller light to ultra light combo although you will lose 1-2 bass but you will have a lot of fun.

If you plan on providing food for supper, we suggest choosing something bigger in size and line strength. Most of the available combos come with a matched rod but generally put, a 5’ to 7’ is considered to be most suitable for these reels. The suggested length will give you a bundle of casting distance as well as the much needed fighting power at the same time allowing you to still have a fast yet sensitive tip.

As far as the hooks are concerned, we suggest that you purchase an assortment of small hooks, coming in a panfish size. Get a small weight assortment along with some bobbers in order to get an advantage with the bass. If you have the cash to spare, try purchasing some Gamakatsu hooks which are indeed a little bit harsh on the pocket but they offer tremendous results as they come with a crappie panfish assortment.

Regarding which bait to use for bass fishing, we advise you to purchase from your local fishing store, the following lures: crickets, mealworms, grasshoppers, red wigglers or any other artificial lures you are able to purchase. A special attention must be given to the largemouth bass as this requires a little more serious gear which is why we suggest that you look for a reliable closed face or a spinning combo. Also, a baitcasting reel is the way to go if you are dead serious about going after the all mighty largemouth bass.

Be aware of the fact that it has significantly more learning curve and blacklash can turn out to be quite annoying. For blackmouth, a 8 to 12 pound line is suitable but you can go lighter or even heavier but keep in mind that once hooked, the largemouth bass plays a lot when using a lighter line. The tradeoff in this situation is that most likely a heavier line will probably scare off the largemouth once he observes it.

Especially for the bass, artifical lures are great but you can also use worms, shiners and minnows. For most of the medium fish, the regular fisherman is able to use the same equipment as for the bass. If will be targeting the bigger blues and flatheads, you can use tackle up to light deep sea caliber.

Our last discussed compartment of the bass fishing gear is about the clothing which usually depends greatly upon your own style to fish bass, in a boat, on the bank or in the river. If you are going to fish from your personal bass fishing boat, dress suitable to the expected air temperature which means that you should dress in layers. In the morning, the weather is quite cool and in the afternoon it gets quite hot. For winter fishing activities, remember to purchase some gloves and also something to cover your head. Speaking of headwear, in the summer a baseball hat is recommended in order to protect from the powerful sun. Speaking of the sun, the regular sun block and mosquito spray should be a part of your fishing gear.

For the last part of the article we will be offering some tips and warning regarding the issue of bass fishing gear:

  1. Always operate the bass fishing boat in a safe way;
  2. Make use of live baits natural to the lake where you are fishing, if possible;
  3. Be aware of alligators and snakes;
  4. Never leave trash after you.