Bass Fishing Waders

Choosing the most appropriate bass fishing waders it is greatly a matter of taste, style and personal choice. It greatly depends on everyone’s concept of comfort as well as preferred body temperature and of course, budget size. As you might have thought already, fishing in cold waters and fishing in a hot climate imposes very different waders. The casual fisherman as well as those people that are looking for an emergency pair may choose low cost over comfort. Regardless of your choice, we strongly recommend that you keep at all times an emergency wader repair kit for those unfortunate situations when rips of leaks occur.

If you are searching for the inexpensive option, we suggest picking out rubber fishing waders if you do not fish that often or if you just want to purchase a backup pair. Be aware of the fact that these rubber waders have the tendency to be less comfortable in comparison with other wader varieties. For the most comfort, we recommend having a look at the breathable fishing waders but be aware of the fact that they are more expensive in comparison to other alternatives and are in most cases the option of seasoned anglers.

If you will be conducting your fishing in rather cold climates and water, we advise you to pick out neoprene fishing waders as they are considerably more durable in comparison with the cheap rubber waders but have the disadvantage of becoming too warm in tropical conditions. If you must also make up your mind regarding if you prefer a boot or stocking foot attached to the waders. If you own already a pair of fishing boots we recommend you to purchase the stocking version which is in most cases made out of neoprene and are suitable for boots. These are also a great option for those people that like walking around and hiking during a fishing trip.

If you want to hold still while fishing, go with the waders that are already attached to boots. Also choose them if you do not enjoy carrying extra items. A valuable tip for all fishermen is to purchase wader reinforcements in the seat area, knee and thigh. Check in order to see if the seams are reinforced with an overlap of wading material and afterwards, glue or sown shut. Remember to purchase a wader belt that it is made from polyester and has a quick-release feature. The waders must have a belt loop in order to properly secure the belt. You also have the option of purchasing waders that have removable suspenders with Velcro tabs and adjustable options.

Before purchasing any type of fishing waders, we recommend that you borrow or rent some in order to form an idea about how comfortable or uncomfortable they are. Logically, buy those waders in which you feel the most comfortable in order to fully enjoy your fishing day. Moreover, do not skimp on the quality construction of the waders as this could be a clear sign of future rips and leaks which could ruin your entire fishing experience.

Prior to your purchase, give some thought about how high you want your waders to go. The chest waders nowadays offer the most versatility as you can wear them at any given level. Waist-high waders are recommended for more shallow waters. The hip boots will offer you the least versatility and are way less practical for getting out into the water for bass fishing. For additional grip, purchase overshoes with cleats for your stocking-foot waders.

Keep in mind that the wading boots are not supposed to fit as close in comparison to a hiking boot, but should have stiff soles as well as ankle support. They can have rubber soles or felt. The latter one offers good grip on rock or water that has gravel on the bottom. The rubber soles are suitable for waters that have a muddy surface on the bottom. Purchase gravel guards if you buy stocking-foot waders as they seal the seam between the wader and the boot to keep gravel out.

Once you have bought your waders and started wearing them, soon you will have to wash them for your next fishing adventure. Remember to do this every time you go home after your fishing activity has ended. Put your waders on a hanger and clip the suspenders with clothes pins and hang out to dry.