Black Bass Fishing

The black bass is a genus of freshwater fish belonging to the sunfish family of Perciformes family. Many people make the confusing of naming the black bass as the black trout but the name “trout” refers to specific members of the salmon family. This family type of fish is distributed throughout a large area east of the Rocky Mountains in the North American continent, starting from the Hudson Bay basin located in Canada to the northeastern part of Mexico. The black bass can also be found in California.

The Micropterus family has the following members:

  1. Shoal Bass
  2. Redeye Bass
  3. Smallmouth Bass
  4. Suwanee Bass
  5. Largemouth Bass

The black bass family, of all the species is considered to be a highly sought-after game fish, not to mention that bass fishing is a very popular sport throughout the bass’s native range. This type of bass is popular for his ability to fight and for the taste of the meat which is firm and quite edible. Some fishermen in order to preserve the precious fish populations use the technique of catch-and-release.

The black bass family has a dull-green color pattern with dark sides. Most of them reach a maximum overall length of about 16-24 inches (40-60 centimeters) but there are exceptions (e.g. just over three feet – almost one meter).

Regarding the nesting habits, the mail constructs a so-called bed in which the female fish is inducted to deposit the eggs and afterwards fertilize them. The male will continue to guard these eggs and fry until they disperse from the nest.

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